Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Art

Practice with shading to enhance depth.

Tried a different style with color.

Idle hands are the devil's plaything. So I made my hands
useful by drawing the devil...I love how the fire and the
reflection on his horns turned out.

Some practice with humans.

I was trying to get that real concept arty look in this one.
I really like how the shininess of his skin turned out.

I love the color and composition in this one. And seriously,
who wouldn't want a frog that can bake?

I'm not quite sure what inspired this one. I think I'm in
some sort of animal art phase... Here I tried to set a mood
by having the background coincide with the character.

Here is some concept art for a movie idea I had. Here,
a cockroach named Artie sings to a bunch of bugs in an
attic about why they should rise up against humans.

I tried practicing some visual effects, like the exploding
fireworks and the glare of the

A classic party penguin. What more can I say?

This one was for a friend who requested a rainbow
town with people who were a cross between foxes
and smurfs.

This one was fun to make. I love the way the rain in the
background turned out.

Album cover I made for aspiring rapper A.K. Check

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